DNS Resolver Progress

So I spent practically all day today writing a DNS resolver.  There is literally no good code on the internet ready to go for this.  There is lots of convoluted hard to read/understand code.  I’ll walk a few steps back from that and say that DNS is somewhat complicated (although having figured it out, I can’t say its THAT complicated).  One really has to read CAREFULLY through the RFC (1035 is what I’m working on) in order to understand exactly what gets transported over the network.

I was actually just about to post a rant on here when I ran my code one last time and voila, I recieved a valid response from a DNS server for my custom generated request.  One step closer to finishing this.


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I am a Student Entrepreneur.
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One Response to DNS Resolver Progress

  1. Andy says:

    Dude, you should have posted the rant anyways. I would have liked it.

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